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How it works

3 Steps
YouHealthcare Finance
New-icon-1Just fill out our straight forward application formWe'll run a credit check, to make sure you can meet our lending criteria.
New-icon-2We will contact you to inform you of the outcome as fast as possible so your
can organise the healthcare you require.
A Loan Agreement will be created based on your invoice or quote, for you to sign.
New-icon-3Once your agreement is signed, HealthCare Finance will pay the balance of your invoice directly to your Health providerYou repay HealthCare Finance at your chosen repayment rate. Our flexible payments start at just $7a week for up to 24 months

Our loans are available with no deposit and up to 24 months to pay, at affordable interest rates of just 19%. Should you require further financial assistance, we can top up your existing loan without you needing to complete a second application.